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Over $8,505,989 in sales from Google Search

Drive Sales from Google Search
Without SEO or Ads

AI-powered organic (free) marketing execution platform
Triple sales faster and cut customer acquisition costs by 96%
SaaS | Ecommerce | Service | Media | Agency

Constantly connecting your business
to new free sales opportunities
A Qualification Criteria is required.
Ecommerce: No monthly minimum. 3.5% incentive for sales generated by flareAI
SaaS | Service | Media: Starts at $999.99/month. No percentage charge
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Built by Inc 5000 award-winning team
3X More Sales

3X More Sales

AI-driven expert SEO on autopilot, grows organic leads, sales and revenues. 3X or more growth at a fraction of the cost and time. Constantly connecting you to new free sales opportunities across all major search engines, LinkedIn, and Social Media.

70% Savings in Inbound Marketing

Cut CAC by 96%

An efficient inbound marketing engine, not only converts better online, but also delivers warm prospects to Outbound Sales teams. By priming your prospect personas with helpful consistent content-at-scale, Sales teams can close 50% faster.

40% faster discovery

40% Faster Discovery

Why wait months to find that only 4% of your website is visible in Google Search? flareAI's Google partnership speeds up discovery, boosting revenue sooner. Plus all other major search engines: Bing, Yandex, Baidu; and social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram


Qualified sites can add flareAI with few clicks.
No tech needed

flareAI drives Google Search sales
Testimonials We didn't Have to Ask For :-)

Happy Friday 🙂 I was just on stage and talked about what flareAI has done for me and my SEO and the content. Have tons of people wanting this as well....What is the best way for me to connect them with you? Email?

- Courtney M, Wealth Advisory


We have grown from 100 demos/month to 1000 demos/month in just 4 months, thanks to flareAI.

- Deep B, Marketing Leader, B2B SaaS


I am in the process of creating a 2nd eCommerce store, and am very interested in using flareAI to boost this right away. Is it possible to activate flareAI on a priority basis for my 2nd store?

- Luke U, CEO, Ecommerce merchant

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Fast Answers (FAQ)

What is flareAI?

Think of flareAI as an AI-powered sales person that drives sales from Google Search and other free sales channels. With just a few clicks you connect your site to flareAI. It starts working by understanding your brand, your target audience, and your competitors.

flareAI is constantly analyzing your website and traffic, and boosting your site's visibility, SEO, and content on Google Search.

How do you attribute a sale to flareAI?

Most flareAI customers start seeing results within 8 weeks. flareAI tracks your sales using a variety of methods, including Google Analytics and the API of your website platform. This ensures that flareAI generated sales are accurately attributed.

Simple. Transparent. Clear.

You can view your flareAI attributed sales in the flareAI POP report, which is available in your site dashboard. You can also audit your sales data in Google Analytics.

What is the right way to use AI for Content Marketing?


Is your website invisible to 96% of your potential customers?

Google Search drives billions in sales every day. Surprisingly, overwhelming majority of webpages are never visible on Google Search. Even Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, and Wikipedia agree that only 4% of internet is on Google Search.

But don't worry, flareAI is here to change that for you. flareAI helps you get your webpages found on Google Search so you can start getting your share of those sales.

Start by finding out how much of your site is missing from Google Search?

Our free tool can tell you in seconds. Simply click this link and enter your website URL and we'll instantly analyze your site for visibility. We'll also give you tips on how to improve your visibility and attract more visitors to your site.


$10 billion+ in sales on Google Search every day.
Are you ready to drive yours?

A Qualification Criteria is required.
Ecommerce: No monthly minimum. 3.5% incentive for sales generated by flareAI
SaaS | Service | Media: Starts at $999.99/month. No percentage charge
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Simple. Clear. Transparent