flareAI for Agencies

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flareAI Partner Program

Until now, the only way to grow your Client site's organic presence was to invest your expensive team hours. It can be time-consuming, and shrink your profits.

Now, for the first time, there is a better way. flareAI helps your Agency automate the growth of Client site's organic presence on Google Search, the world's best & biggest eCommerce channel. In a short time, flareAI has generated over a million dollars in eCommerce conversions for its portfolio sites.

Lifetime 40% Payouts to You. 50% off for First 3 Months for Your Client. Zero-fees for You to Join

 ✔ Payouts monthly
 ✔ When your clients subscribe direct from you, they receive their first three months at a 50% discount.
 ✔ Quick & effortless discovery of non-indexed pages, even on fast-changing sites with thousands of pages. Your expensive team hours are better used on SEO'ing pages currently indexed. None of your competitors will be able to do this.
 ✔ No ongoing committment. No Agency/Client training or on-boarding needed
 ✔ Zero impact on client site. No script needs to ever run on client site.

Unfortunately, flareAI is not for everyone

We a fit? If interested in becoming a flareAI Ambassador click to visit the Partner Program Application page hosted by Rewardful, and enter the simple name+email form to find out if your Agency is "flareAI material".

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