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Organic Search vs Paid Search Organic Search vs Paid Search

Search engine marketing (SEM) encompasses a wide array of terms, concepts, and acronyms. Most of them boil down to where your website ranks on a search engine results page. The ranking depends on whether you optimize your website for free tactics or purchase the ranking for paid tactics. It essentially comes down to organic search versus paid search.

As far as the two concepts are concerned, many questions arise—what are they?

 What are the differences between the two?

 Which is better?

 What are the pros and cons of each?

 And much more.

The article helps answer some of these questions.


Top 10 ECommerce SEO Tips Top 10 ECommerce SEO Tips

Online shoppers are incredibly savvy. They know what they want, where to find it, and how much it should cost. With that in mind, e-commerce sites need to have robust eCommerce SEO strategies so buyers can easily find their products online.

The following ten tips will help businesses optimize their eCommerce SEO for increased traffic and conversion rates


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