What's Your Found on Google (FOG) Score?

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FOG, and how can your Agency benefit?

MAJORITY of eCommerce happens on Google Search, more than ALL paid channels combined. Sadly, Google admits they only index (find) 4% of the digital world, according to The Tennessean. The rest is unfortunately hidden from profitable organic traffic. flareAI shows you, with a free Found on Google (FOG) report how much of your Client's site is hidden from customer searches? And how flareAI can un-hide up to 96% of the products & pages.

SEO can't work, if Google hasn't found (indexed) the page

Many people assume if a site has a sitemap, Googlebot will eventually index all their pages. We found out the hard way this is not true. flareAI is the story of our journey discovering the issue & solving it. With the hope to help SEO consultants and Digital Marketers take advantage of this foundational analytics.

As your Site grows, why does Google index (find) a smaller & smaller portion of the site?

Google indexes billion+ domains regularly. As more pages are added to your site, Google's crawl time for the site may remain more or less the same. Google will start to cherry-pick only the content most interesting to them. This means over time, less & less percentage of your Client's site is found on Google Search.

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