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Top 5 Ways To Spend More & Lose Sales this Holidays 2022

Top 5 Ways To Spend More & Lose Sales


Top 5 Ways To Spend More And Lose Sales this Holidays 2022 : #5 Customer Service. Wrongly assume hiring a sweet-talking agent will do the trick Top 5 Ways To Spend More And Lose Sales this Holidays 2022 : #5 Customer Service.

Holidays 2022

Attention Shopify Stores!

Top 5 ways to spend more and lose sales :-(


We all know excellence in customer service is the bedrock of profitable eCommerce growth.

Especially during the busy Holiday season.

Many Shopify store owners wrongly assume hiring a bunch of sweet-talking agents will do the trick.

People incorrectly believe customer service starts after the sale.

In fact, the process to put in place excellent customer service starts months before the Holidays and starts with… wait for this…. Product Selection.

Nordstrom, the legendary retailer, invests heavily in selecting high-quality products recognizing this is the foundation of customer satisfaction.

Doubtless, millions of loyal customers flock back to their favorite Nordstrom on an average of 4-5 times each year to make high ticket purchases.

Shopify store owners will do well to copy the legend and invest in careful product selection.

5 easy-to-follow steps towards delivering Nordstrom-like excellence in customer service for your Shopify store:

Step 1: Source or make top-quality products

Step 2: Perfect product images & descriptions

Step 3: Product specialists to help customers make informed choices, especially for high-ticket items

Step 4: Prompt & accurate fulfillment

Step 5: Of course, a well-trained sweet-talking agent to manage exceptions that undoubtedly will occur

Don’t put a band-aid on service issues by hiring more agents.

Instead, invest a fraction of it towards building the 5-step bedrock of customer satisfaction.

Watch, your customers return to your Shopify store, month after month.