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flareAI for Shopify : Your Dad Told You

flareAI for Shopify : Your Dad Told You


The flareAI Fast Answers Series for Shopify Plus & Shopify businesses.

My Dad told me “Son treat every customer as if they’re the most important one you have”.

Yes, Dad!

My Klaviyo consultant told me “Segment the heck out of your 5,000 clients, and prioritize who deserves the most attention”.

Sure, Mr Consultant Guy!

On the surface, what your Dad told you and what the consultant is telling you seem opposite.

But most world-class businesses do both, and do both well.

Take Walmart for example. Sam Walton encouraged Walmart Greeter to greet ALL shoppers to smile, look them in the eye, and greet them”

At the same time, Walmart Global Tech’s 11,000 people use AI and Big Data to slice and dice data to figure out which customers need what attention.

So how would you re-imagine this in your 10-person eCommerce business.

Automation & analytics

You don’t need to spend thousands buying a packaged app. Hire a junior programmer and design all the touch points where you can treat every visitor and customer with an e-Smile.

Use today’s AI recommendation engines to constantly analyze your data, and strategically and individually address each customer’s specific needs.

Thank you Dad and Mr Klaviyo guy!

Welcome to the flareAI family!

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