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flareAI for Shopify : The One

flareAI for Shopify : The One


flareAI for Shopify : The One flareAI for Shopify : The One

The One

The flareAI Fast Answers Series for Mid-market & Small Ecommerce businesses

Your customers trust organic channels ( Search, Blogs, Videos ) more than paid media.

Sales from Organic channels are longer lasting.

When you have 100s of products you don’t have to spend $$$ trying to get all those found on Google Search.

Be super-strategic and push just a few important products at the right time that will get you the most revenue.

Say, Jewelry stores typically carry 1000 SKUs and designs change seasonally.

So strategically pick just a handful each month, target your content writing, and spruce up on-page content and optimization a few weeks prior to the buying season for an engagement ring.

The One diamond ring page can be more valuable than trying to optimize all 1000 at the same time.

The One.

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