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flareAI for Shopify : How to Profit from Ecommerce Seasons?

flareAI for Shopify : How to Profit from Ecommerce Seasons?


flareAI for Shopify : How to Profit from Ecommerce Seasons? flareAI for Shopify : How to Profit from Ecommerce Seasons?

Hold onto your cowboy hats y'all, because it's bluebonnet season in Texas and it's a bloomin' good one! I haven't seen wildflowers this plentiful in years. But while I may be a fallen strawman in fields of blue, my mind is never far from my true passion: Shopify merchant success.

Now, let's talk eCommerce seasons, y'all! We all know the usual suspects like Valentine, Easter, Summer, Back to School, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday Season, Winter Sports, blah, blah, & blah.

We also know that seasonality can vary depending on your product selection. It's true, a surf shop is going to have a different buying season than a shop selling spooky Halloween decorations.

But the real challenge for most eCommerce merchants is figuring out the right strategy to come out on top during their specific season(s).

Well, don't you fret, my friend! I've got a simple framework that will make it as easy as sipping a mimosa on a Sunday morning.

#1 Make a list of all the buying seasons for the products in your store over the next 12 months. And remember, the buying season can start weeks or even months before the actual season.

#2 Make a list of all the fixed costs your eCommerce business will incur over the next 12 months. These are the costs that you'll have to pay regardless of whether you make a sale that day or if it's off-season. So, take a look at things like permanent staffing and add up the total fixed costs.

#3 Now, let's talk pricing strategy for the season. I know it's tempting to slash prices like a samurai on Black Friday, but let's face it, most mid-market and small eCommerce businesses can't compete on price with the big guys like Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Instead, focus on creating excitement for your customers with incentives like spinwheels at checkout or giveaways for overstocked products.

#4 And while we're on the topic of incentives, let's talk about using demand during the season to acquire subscribers. Rather than fishing for bottom-feeders looking for the cheapest deals, offer high-quality, differentiated products during the season and give customers small incentives to buy as subscribers rather than one-off purchases. For example, if you're selling a hot chocolate mix, consider bundling it with coffee as a year-round subscription.

So, there you have it folks, a little strategic thought and a focus on the "Whale" customers that bring in the most profits, and you can profit every season! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a field of bluebonnets calling my name. Yeehaw!

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