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flareAI for Shopify : Content Velocity

flareAI for Shopify : Content Velocity


The flareAI Fast Answers Series for Shopify Plus & WordPress businesses

Content velocity is the amount of high-quality content you produce and gets indexed (found) by Google.

Say, your business produces 2 high-quality blogs a month.

Your competitor produces 5 high-quality blogs a month.

Guess who gets more inbound leads and sales? Ofcourse, your competitor.

Now, imagine this. You start producing 20 high-quality blogs a month.

Will you win, automatically?

The surprising answer is No. You need one more tool

There are trillions of pages vying for Google’s attention. Google only crawls 4% of the internet.

So your business needs to find a cost-effective way to create tons of high-quality content at scale, but also get this content found on all major search engines and organically on social media.

Creating high-quality content at scale matters.

Getting this content found on Google Search and organic social media matters even more

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