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Fake Reviews: A True Story

Fake Reviews: A True Story


Fake Reviews: A True Story Fake Reviews: A True Story

Fake Reviews: A True Story

It is widely known major eCommerce platforms like Amazon & Shopify are rife with fake reviews

As a Shopify App Partner, we frequently receive unsolicited emails offering to write 5-star reviews for a fee

Play the video to see a screenshot of a recent fake review solicitation email!

Shopify & Amazon have teams to identify & weed out fake reviews.

It is an uphill battle.

Anyone can easily find any number of WhatsApp groups & emails offering

"10 5-star reviews for $50"

As a Shopify Store Owner, it is an easy temptation to drive traffic

Don't do it

It is wrong, not just morally, but it will hurt your business.

How you ask?

Every fake 5-star review diminishes the value of a real feedback

You will be amazed how your Shopify business can grow if you ask, listen and act upon true customer feedback

No, you don't have to be a saint.

Just be street smart

Fake 5-Star Review = A one-time victimized customer

True Customer Reviews = A happy customer returning to your Shopify store again and again

The "only" way to succeed in eCommerce is to grow a community of loyal repeat customers.

Happy Holidays!

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